Bridal Registration Statistics from Bridal Monitor™

  • Brides who register have an average of 29% more guests at their wedding (143) versus those who do not register (111).
  • Brides who register tend to have weddings that are more traditional, formal and romantic than brides who do not register.
  • Brides who register spend 44% more on their wedding dresses than brides who do not register.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond is the most frequently used bridal registry.
  • Cookware is the most often registered-for category in registry.
  • KitchenAid is the most often registered for brand in registry.
  • Better educated brides are significantly more likely to register than less educated brides.
  • Couples who register are nearly twice as likely to go on a cruise for their honeymoon as couples who do not register.
  • The top 10 largest registry categories have a projected market value of $1.3 billion dollars annually.
  • Martha Stewart Living is the brand that appears in the most registry product categories.

At Occasions Bridal and Evening Wear Boutique we are noticing that our brides are now registering at our bridal boutique for their wedding attire and complementing jewelry and accessories  gift certificates are a very popular item that can be used by the bride to help off set her costs , Guest books, garters ,toasting flutes, can all make lovely gifts for the bridal shower as does a engraved  cake knife and server.


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