The Shine and Sparkle

jewleryThey say that accessories are the icing on the cake, and this year the icing is oh so delicious. Jewelry is bold and beautiful. Earings are the most significant piece this year. Larger than years past they really make a statement. Crystals, rhinestone, and pearls are wonderfully set in exotic settings. Colored stones are available to compliment your special Occasion gown.

Necklaces are also a wonderful compliment. Look to the neckline of your outfit when choosing the style of your neck piece. The popular Y necklace looks great on a V neck, a choker can add drama to a strapless gown.

Not sure what will be best for your special occasion? Stop by at Occasions in Bethel and see all the new jewelry we have just received. Anyone can wear a dress but the way you accessorize makes the biggest statement,