The Sugar and Spice Crowd

Here at Occasions, we know that the children in the wedding will be full of smiles and fun with no snips, snails, or puppy dog tails.

Pastel frocks are something to celebrate. If your color scheme is in the purple family, your flower girl would be adorable in a lilac organza dress with a sash adorned with a silk flower in the back.

Or, picture a flower girl in an organza dress, featuring a trio of straps at each shoulder with a floral-embroidered skirt layered over white satin.

Little people wow the crowd and at Occasions we have the perfect gown for every member of your wedding party.

Not Just Wedding Gowns

Here at Occasions, we enjoy watching the trends in wedding invitations. Right now, papers pressed with leaves or petals, rifer ribbons, botanical drawings, tropical watercolors, abstract floral sketches, flowers including orchids, lilies, hydrangea, or sunflowers, seashells and butterflies head the top of the list. How neat to have seashells on invitations when the wedding will be at the beach, or perhaps for the couple who met at the beach. For the artistic, an abstraxt floral sketch is perfect.

Trends come and go and they often edge in quietly. “Plain Jane” white or ecru, with formal wording is gradually coming back.

Many invitations depict rich similarity – pearlized white, gilded edged, metallic accents, layered, often vellum over colored flat panels, and many fold-over styles are popular.

Save-the-date announcements are so popular some companies are introducing books showing noting but these informational cards. So there is a style for everyone. Do come in and see for yourself. Occasions is your one stop shop for all your wedding needs.