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Traditional? Romantic? Modern? Simple?

Here at Occasions Bridal we know every bride differs in the style of her wedding. The traditional, romantic, modern, and simple wedding comes with its own personality.

The traditional bride will keep her customs close to her heart. She wants the wedding that her parents or grandparents had, complete with the long trained gown, a five tiered cake, a profusion of flowers and elegant invitations and accessories.

The romantic bride’s big day is a fairy tale come true. She is a princess, a Cinderella whisked away by her Prince Charming. A horse-drawn carriage is likely to figure in her wedding plans. Everything must be lavish and wonderful because “everything” becomes a part of her true love story.

Cool and independent, the contemporary bride will do it her way. She is looking for the latest trends. There will be no frilly lace at this reception.

The simple bride likes clean lines, basic shapes and soft colors. Modesty and understatement become her. A single vase of roses will have greater appeal to her than pots of exotic orchids.

Guess what? Whatever type you are, we will have the perfect dress and accessories waiting for you in our store.